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The Label

The NGO member organizations of the Une Option de Plus network all benefit from the Une Option de Plus label.

In granting its label, Une Option de Plus is assuring donors of the authenticity of and the need for the projects described. With a view towards continued support, Une Option de Plus branded projects outline a reasonable vision of the sustainability of the actions undertaken.

The Une Option de Plus label is granted after a thorough evaluation of each project in order to determine, most importantly, that the NGO fulfills the following criteria:

-  The NGO operates in the fields of health, education, or socio-economic development and serves the general interest of the Ecuadorian people in a manner that is fair and respectful of their cultural diversity.

-  The NGO must be a community-based association and must not engage in religious proselytization or political propaganda.

-  The NGO must provide proof of transparency in the management of its financial, material, and human resources.

-  Projects under the Une Option de Plus seal must all, without exception, prove that the activities they undertake effectively serve the target population.

-  Contributions made to the NGO directly benefit the target population.

-  In all of its activities, the NGO respects the obligations set forth in the Une Option de Plus charter.

NGOs bearing the Une Option de Plus label may lose it at any time if the development of their projects is no longer in line with the criteria defined above. Consequently, membership in the network is not permanent and is regularly evaluated by an internal commission.