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Art and writing project

Within the context of the International week of solidarity 2012 in France (Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale 2012), we have opened a space of creation and cultural exchanges, by organizing drawing workshops in Ecuador and in France on the theme of “the essential rights.”

The collection of drawings that were made in Ecuador by children who are beneficiaries of the network of associations One more Option, and by children and young people in France will give birth to an exhibition “encounter between  two worlds” with the theme of “the essential rights.”

Those drawings aim at awakening the children’s curiosity, and establishing an international relationship between children from other countries, generating in this way an interest in the discovery of “other worlds.” 

You can send us your drawings also! to this email address contact[at]   in order to participate to this cultural exchange.

The drawings will be exhibited in France and passed on to the children who are beneficiaries of the association network “One More option” in Ecuador.

Discover the drawings below 

What does the daily life of a child in San Vicente look like ?

The toy libraries “Futuro”, “Nueva Esperanza” and “Centurion” offer socioeducational activities  for the most underprivileged children and young people in San Vicente.

Find here the toy libraries page.

San Vicente’s children share their experiences of the everyday life:

What does Ecuador look like, according to the children from the center “Hogar para todos”  in Azogues?

Hogar para Todos (“a home for everybody”) fully takes in charge the children and teenagers who endured violence or who were abandoned in Azogues (Cañar) and provides them security and emotional and affective stability.

Find here the page “Hogar para Todos”.

The children of “Hogar para Todos” have drawn their own country, under the care of Sophie, a volunteer working at the center:



The children of the Una Luz en tu vida association share their drawings.


The Una Luz en tu Vida association responds to the needs of physical rehabilitation, adapted education, psychological therapy, stimulation and arousal, speech therapy, and medical and social support for children and adults with disabilities in Quero.


To discover the Una Luz en tu Vida foundation, click here.


The Children of Una Luz en tu Vida show us their drawings of their houses, scenery....


Here are children's drawings from the 'Plan Ecuasol' association 

Plan Ecuasol promotes child education in northern districts of Quito through school support activities and cultural outings.
The children from 'Plan Ecuasol' drew things that make them happy, the happiest day of their lives, their wishes ...
To discover the foundation, click here.