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Our projects aim to strengthen solidarity between our organisations. The UODP network  is working to improve the quality of life of all those the organisations reach, in different parts of Ecuador. These projects allow for collaboration and coordination between organisations who work together to find solutions to improve sustainable development.

Une Option De Plus (One More Option)  is committed to monitoring how each donation is used.

Tour by the young musicians of Clave de Sur

Clave de Sur forms part of a network supporting Ecuadorian development initiatives: the Une Option de Plus network. The 16 member associations of this network are distributed across the whole of Ecuador and work in varied fields such as education, disability and socio-economic facilitation etc.


The Clave de Sur tour is an illustration of the policy of exchange and sharing  supported by Une Option de Plus.

The project will enable about ten young people from underprivileged areas to discover their country while performing concerts for the different associations that form the network and will also permit the beneficiaries of the other associations (disabled adults and children, children subject to domestic violence, orphans, elderly people etc.) to experience a cultural exchange with these young people and perhaps to discover a musical passion and/or vocation!


For this tour, there is an estimated necessary budget of 600€.  This budget is purely to cover transport costs but also accommodation and food throughout the tour. 


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Integration and enhancement of disabilities 


This mission will take place in September 2012, it will focus on the organisation of sessions on awareness and reflection within the three associations of the network that provide therapy services to children with disabilities, with professional teams and meeting the families of the beneficiaries in the Manabí region.

 These workshops also promote the exchange of teaching practice and knowledge and skills in terms of approaches related to integration and disability.







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"Without education there is no future!" 2012: Awareness of the other and promotion of inclusion in schools

Une Option de Plus has been awarded by The French League of Teaching (La Ligue de l’enseignement) to form part of the campaign "Without education there is no future! 2012". The campaign aims to educate young people and the general public on the problems of access to learning and education. 

Through the collection of donations, the campaign provides financial support to projects which work in the education sector.

The project proposed by Une Option de Plus consists of the awareness on the theme of disability and the integration of people with a special disability in classrooms. Part of the project is aimed at the national and international promotion of local initiatives of integration.

This project, the aim of which is to promote the knowledge and enhancement of the other, will include a task of reflection with the teaching teams of various associations which form part of our network, through awareness days and sporting and cultural events.

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EVENTO: project on training and sharing of associative best practices

Every year, from 2010, the Une Option de Plus team gets together in Ecuador with all of the associations of the network for an event on awareness and diffusion of best practice in the framework of the training conference: EVENTO.

Our associations defend their initiatives with great or little difficulty, and it is through the creation of links and through continuous training that we promote the development of each one of the associations who form the UOP network.

The "Evento" can place an emphasis on training on communication tools to support each other for a more effective development and with the objective of strengthening solidarity between the associations (internationally and locally) through communication tools and systems.

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