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Introduce the NGOs

The principal mission of Une Option de Plus is to introduce others to Ecuadorian organisations in order to raise their profile. Help us in this work by communicating about a particular organisation or Une Option de Plus in general.

There are many ways to take action (not all listed here!):

- if you have a website or blog, create a link to our site and our blog,

- display our banner on your site,

- share our donation "Widget" (contact us),

- distribute our brochure in a place with South American links (restaurants, organisations, forums etc.),

- become friends with Une Option de Plus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Les AssosGoogle+ and share news of the network and our Ecuadorian associations with your friends and family,

- spread the latest news from our platform blog or from our other information platforms:,, Storify,

- increase your company’s awareness of its social investments and encourage its members to support Une Option de Plus 's work (contact us),

- participate in fundraising activities in your company to raise money for a project supported by Une Option de Plus,


Collaborate directly with NGOs

You can create and maintain direct links with the Ecuadorian NGOs that we support. There are several ways to do this (twinning between associations, regular mobilisation around an Ecuadorian NGO project or an event that they organise,…).

If you wish to know more, contact us here.