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One More Option in Ecuador

Support for organisations in Ecuador



This space is intended to shine the spotlight on the initiatives of Ecuadorian organisations that strive every day in the field to improve the daily lives of this country's inhabitants.

Here you will find the NGOs mediated by Une Option de Plus which develop, at their own level, actions in the fields of health, education and raising social and economic awareness.

You too can become an actor or partner in the initiatives by providing human or financial support. Find out how by clicking here.



Une Option de Plus offers the NGOs in its network a level of expertise that helps them create a sustainable structure, by:

-  creating a synergy between them so they can exchange their respective experiences and optimise their know-how;

- organizing workshops, events, meetings and other forums where NGOs can exchange best practice, pool their experience, improve their skills through training, and in this way build a true network of local grass-roots initiatives;

-  conducting audits on their operation, financing, needs, etc.;

-  giving advice on project setup, specific funding research and communication;

-  making the public aware of their involvement;

-  improving their visibility at international scale.



The NGOs we support fulfil the criteria and respect the commitments that allow them to benefit from the Une Option de Plus label.

This label is the official seal of the pledge and passion the mediated NGOs bring to their work, their performance and their management of the support they receive.

It is awarded by a commission composed of a team of French members and local auditors specialised in NGO location and study, following a complete audit.




Une Option de Plus has developed its activities in France and offers training programs for the volunteers of the organizations as well as for all interested volunteers of other organizations. We also undertake awareness activities on international solidarity in schools. Furthermore, we participate in various events of the associative life all year long. Watch the video shot during the 2012 Week of Solidarity.




NGO's news

  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    Charity Event for All Saints Day at Funsiba!

    The Funsiba Foundation organized a charity sale of "colada morada"(spiced purple corn fruit drink) for All Saints Day. The Foundation opened its doors to passersby who had opportunity to savor the delicious "cola morada" beverage sold by Funsiba residents.

    November, Saturday 1 2014
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    Showing empathy is a daily effort

    With the support of the Crisfe Foundation, the Sin Barreras Foundation organized a workshop to raise awareness about the perception of disability and the integration of people with disabilities in all areas of society on Thursday 6 November.

    November, Thursday 6 2014
  • Futuro - Nueva Esperanza - Centurion

    The game festival, a family sharing moment.

    On November 9 the Futuro association celebrated its annual game festival.

    November, Sunday 9 2014
  • On 17 November, Funsiba announced the good news to us: Ecuavisa, a national chain with high viewership in Ecuador, was going to do a story on the Foundation!

    November, Wenesday 19 2014
  • Las Marias

    The young people of Gualaceo join with Las Marias to take action against violence to women!

    On 25 November, following an appeal by Las Marias, the streets of Gualaceo were filled with pupils demonstrating against violence against women.

    November, Tuesday 25 2014
  • Melvin Jones

    There's a lot going on at the Melvin Jones centre for integrated learning!

    On 15th November, the Leones Salinas central club organised a Bingo night in support of the Melvin Jones Centre. This type of event allows the centre to expand their activities.

    November, Saturday 15 2014
  • Cristo de la Calle

    A family Saturday with Cristo de la Calle

    On Saturday 29th November, the Cristo de la Calle foundation invited all the families they wok with to enjoy a day with their children at the Yuyucocha resort.

    November, Saturday 29 2014
  • Hogar Para Todos

    ¡Ecuadorean Migrants Come Together for Hogar Para Todos!

    In November, a group of Ecuadorean migrants led by Angel Zumba, born in Azogues, came together to collect donations for the charity Hogar Para Todos. They also organized an awareness campaign using videos clips broadcast on television and the internet.

    December, Friday 5 2014
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    Funsiba hosts a Brazilian capoeira master!

    Funsiba has hosted a capoeira group from Guayaquil for several months. On 28 November, Funsiba and the capoeira group welcomed a master from Brazil, Adriano Da Silva, at the Foundation.Over forty people came to discover this sport and cultural practice and admire the fluidity of residents who have been practicing for a few months.

    November, Friday 28 2014
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    A warm goodbye to Nelly Fairfort, volunteer art-therapist

    On Saturday, December 6, 2014, the Fundacion sin Barreras had the honor to invite the parents of the residents and friends to of the Organization to the closing ceremony of their French volunteer, Nelly Fairfort, recruited and accompanied by One More Option.

    December, Saturday 6 2014

    New activities at ADESPORO!

    For the last few weeks, the individuals with disabilities attending ADESPORO’s productive workshops have been able to enjoy a sports class twice per week.

    December, Thursday 18 2014
  • Clave de Sur

    Clave de Sur’s Year End

    A lot of concerts to end the year!

    December, Friday 19 2014
  • Cristo de la Calle

    Christmas with Cristo de la Calle

    On the 21 December in Ibarra, the children and families to whom the charity Cristo de la Calle provides assistance enjoyed a fun day, packed with games and smiles. On this occasion it was a double celebration, celebrating all the December birthdays as well as a celebration of Christmas.

    December, Sunday 21 2014

    Fpanjez Foundation receives award for equine therapy!

    The integral rehabilitation project based on equine therapy, led by the Fpanjez Foundation’s teachers, which we spoke about in a previous article, was awarded a prize at the District Science and Technology Fair organised by the Education Ministry.

    December, Friday 19 2014
  • Hogar Para Todos

    A Christmas Feast!

    The children and association were showered with gifts this Christmas! For many children, what is supposed to be a time of family gatherings can instead be a stark reminder of a missing mother or father. But smiles of joy were abundant this Christmas!

    December, Wenesday 24 2014
  • Creando Futuro

    An excellent year's work for Creando Futuro!

    On 26 December 2014, the Creando Futuro foundation celebrated an excellent year's work! With a budget of nearly $300,000 and more than 30 employees working in two cantons, the work carried out over the year has produced many positive results!

    December, Friday 26 2014
  • Plan Ecuasol

    The children of Ecuasol have been spoiled for Christmas!

    At Ecuasol this year, the Christmas week end was dedicated to art and culture, as the artists’ group, Nina Shunku came to facilitate two days of an original program at the Foundation on 20 and 21 December! Circus, music, painting and rap were the main activities during this weekend.

    December, Saturday 20 2014

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