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November 2014
One More Option Receives the French Ambassador in Ecuador

Support for organisations in Ecuador



This space is intended to shine the spotlight on the initiatives of Ecuadorian organisations that strive every day in the field to improve the daily lives of this country's inhabitants.

Here you will find the NGOs mediated by Une Option de Plus which develop, at their own level, actions in the fields of health, education and raising social and economic awareness.

You too can become an actor or partner in the initiatives by providing human or financial support. Find out how by clicking here.



Une Option de Plus offers the NGOs in its network a level of expertise that helps them create a sustainable structure, by:

-  creating a synergy between them so they can exchange their respective experiences and optimise their know-how;

- organizing workshops, events, meetings and other forums where NGOs can exchange best practice, pool their experience, improve their skills through training, and in this way build a true network of local grass-roots initiatives;

-  conducting audits on their operation, financing, needs, etc.;

-  giving advice on project setup, specific funding research and communication;

-  making the public aware of their involvement;

-  improving their visibility at international scale.



The NGOs we support fulfil the criteria and respect the commitments that allow them to benefit from the Une Option de Plus label.

This label is the official seal of the pledge and passion the mediated NGOs bring to their work, their performance and their management of the support they receive.

It is awarded by a commission composed of a team of French members and local auditors specialised in NGO location and study, following a complete audit.




Une Option de Plus has developed its activities in France and offers training programs for the volunteers of the organizations as well as for all interested volunteers of other organizations. We also undertake awareness activities on international solidarity in schools. Furthermore, we participate in various events of the associative life all year long. Watch the video shot during the 2012 Week of Solidarity.




NGO's news

  • Plan Ecuasol

    Some Fresh Air before School Starts !

    For several years, the non-profit Ecuasol has offered a summer camp to children who participate in their activities. This year, about thirty children and teenagers went to the Amazon for three days after having spent ten days in Quito. After these beautiful summery moments, it is again the time to take the path that leads to school… Back to the books!

    August, Sunday 31 2014
  • Futuro - Nueva Esperanza - Centurion

    Libraries are moving, are you?

    On 20 September, the slogan for this year’s International Solidarity Week “The world is moving, are you?” was celebrated by San Vincente’s libraries. Equipped with their games, the children and the team made their way to Comedor Popular(the public cantine) where they met the senior citizens of the organisation Futuro.

    September, Saturday 20 2014
  • Cristo de la Calle

    Breaking the taboo around sexuality

    Every Tuesday, the organisation Cristo de la Calle, which works with marginalised children in the North of Equador, organises workshops for children and their families .On 9 September, Cristo de la Calle organised a workshop about the body and sexuality. In fact, a number of the children helped by the organisation are themselves victims of abuse or come into contact with taboo subjects.

    September, Tuesday 9 2014
  • Casa de la Juventud Mashi Pierre

    In Saraguro, the youth is being celebrated in all its diversity

    For the World Youth Day, different youth organizations in Saraguro proposed a holiday to all of the youth of the town, those of mixed ancestries, and the indigenous. On the agenda: spinning top competition, dance, drawing and live music.

    August, Friday 29 2014
  • Futuro - Nueva Esperanza - Centurion

    Toy libraries, increasingly closer to the residents of San Vicente !

    On Sunday 5 October 2014, the toy libraries of Nueva Esperanza and of Centurion, of the Futuro association, participated in the monthly celebration organized by the municipality of San Vicente in the framework of the Plan Calle (Street program).

    October, Sunday 5 2014
  • Clave de Sur

    New compositions in Clave de Sur !

    During the whole month of September, youngsters from Clave de Sur participated in a workshop on how to compose music, lead by the rapper Carlos Utermöhlen.

    September, Sunday 28 2014
  • Creando Futuro

    In the Canton of Muisne, Creando Futuro launched a campaign against child labour!

    In Ecuador, according to the national institute for statistics, 15% of children under the age of 10 work. This year, the Ministry for Economic and Social Inclusion of Ecuador has launched a large-scale programme aimed at stamping out child labour; they aim to achieve this by 2016. In the Canton of Muisne, this ambitious policy is being implemented through a campaign for raising awareness about the issue, led by around forty social workers. They work every day with families, suggesting other ways of raising income to the adults, so that the children no longer have to work.

    October, Wenesday 8 2014
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    For the International Solidarity Week, Funsiba also was celebrating !

    Early September, at the international level, an entire week was devoted to solidarity. The Fundacion sin Barreras (Funsiba) was not at a loss as it dedicated a whole day honouring this beautiful human value. From 9 am to 9 pm, Funsiba opened its doors to everyone eager to discover the talent of its dear residents, suffering from mental handicaps. This twelve-hour sharing time was enriched with an artistic program.

    September, Wenesday 17 2014
  • Plan Ecuasol

    A Day of Art and Fun at Plan Ecuasol!

    On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Plan Ecuasol hosted a day of art and fun for its beneficiaries and their families.

    Attendees arrived at the foundation at 11:00 and were invited to attend a group lunch for only fifty cents. Once the families were settled, Belen of Alianza Hip Hop para las Calles announced the schedule for the day, which would be the last day of Plan Ecuasol’s many workshops.

    October, Sunday 12 2014

    Equitherapy: plenty of benefits for disabled children!

    Over the last few weeks, equitherapy sessions have resumed at Fpanjez!

    October, Thursday 23 2014

    A lovely memorial evening in Machala with the ADESPRO foundation

    Last Saturday 25th October, the ADESPRO foundation put on their annual memorial celebration in support of their work to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace and society more widely.

    October, Saturday 25 2014
  • Melvin Jones

    A guided visit for all to Ecuador’s first museum of palaeontology

    On Monday 27th October, children and young people from the Melvin Jones education centre, together with their teachers, started the week with a visit to the palaeontology museum at the University of the Santa Elena peninsula.

    October, Monday 27 2014
  • Jovenes Para el Futuro

    When solidarity rhymes with poetry

    In 2013 Ecuador organised its first International Solidarity Week, only in Quito. In 2014, four
    association from the Une Option de Plus network put on various events for the occasion: in
    Ambato, Jovenes para el Futuro welcomed an Argentinian traveller who had something very special in her backpak.

    September, Saturday 20 2014
  • Casa de la Juventud Mashi Pierre

    The French Ambassador visits the Mashi Pierre Foundation

    On Saturday 25th October, the Mashi Pierre Youth Centre received a visit from the French Ambassador to Ecuador, François Gauthier, and his wife. Upon arrival, the Ambassador was received by Abel Sarangu, first indigenous mayor of Saraguro, with whom he exchanged ideas on some of the problematic issues affecting the area. Afterwards, the ambassador went to the Foundation where he was greeted by members and partners to discuss the project and its activities.

    October, Saturday 25 2014
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    Charity Event for All Saints Day at Funsiba!

    The Funsiba Foundation organized a charity sale of "colada morada"(spiced purple corn fruit drink) for All Saints Day. The Foundation opened its doors to passersby who had opportunity to savor the delicious "cola morada" beverage sold by Funsiba residents.

    November, Saturday 1 2014
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    Showing empathy is a daily effort

    With the support of the Crisfe Foundation, the Sin Barreras Foundation organized a workshop to raise awareness about the perception of disability and the integration of people with disabilities in all areas of society on Thursday 6 November.

    November, Thursday 6 2014

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