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One More Option in Ecuador

Support for organisations in Ecuador



This space is intended to shine the spotlight on the initiatives of Ecuadorian organisations that strive every day in the field to improve the daily lives of this country's inhabitants.

Here you will find the NGOs mediated by Une Option de Plus which develop, at their own level, actions in the fields of health, education and raising social and economic awareness.

You too can become an actor or partner in the initiatives by providing human or financial support. Find out how by clicking here.



Une Option de Plus offers the NGOs in its network a level of expertise that helps them create a sustainable structure, by:

-  creating a synergy between them so they can exchange their respective experiences and optimise their know-how;

- organizing workshops, events, meetings and other forums where NGOs can exchange best practice, pool their experience, improve their skills through training, and in this way build a true network of local grass-roots initiatives;

-  conducting audits on their operation, financing, needs, etc.;

-  giving advice on project setup, specific funding research and communication;

-  making the public aware of their involvement;

-  improving their visibility at international scale.



The NGOs we support fulfil the criteria and respect the commitments that allow them to benefit from the Une Option de Plus label.

This label is the official seal of the pledge and passion the mediated NGOs bring to their work, their performance and their management of the support they receive.

It is awarded by a commission composed of a team of French members and local auditors specialised in NGO location and study, following a complete audit.




Une Option de Plus has developed its activities in France and offers training programs for the volunteers of the organizations as well as for all interested volunteers of other organizations. We also undertake awareness activities on international solidarity in schools. Furthermore, we participate in various events of the associative life all year long. Watch the video shot during the 2012 Week of Solidarity.




NGO's news


    CENIT's Primary School

    Among the obstacles they have faced, these students from CENIT's Primary School teach us the value of happiness, and to them happiness signifies having the opportunity to attend school.

    July, Friday 15 2016
  • Clave de Sur

    Clave de Sur’s trip to Muisne with Creando Future

    On Thursday, August 11, the members of Clave de Sur went on a trip to Muisne and took their music and donations with them. They were enthusiastically received by Carolina and Maricledis Cagua from Creando Futuro.

    August, Thursday 11 2016

    Hippotherapy class

    This is one of the most important and necessary areas of the institution where horses are used as natural instruments for the rehabilitation, education and reeducation of disabled and non-disabled people. It improves the quality of life and personal skills to the maximum.

    July, Friday 15 2016
  • Melvin Jones

    “Locro de zapallo” for lunch for Melvin Jones students

    Today, Melvin Jones students had a “locro de zapallo” for lunch, which was prepared by the teachers and mothers. They used products from Super Aki. Students from Colegio Rubira also helped in each activity that takes place in the center.

    August, Wenesday 10 2016
  • Creando Futuro

    Solidarity concert to help Muisne

    Creando Futuro and several artists from Quito organized a solidarity concert to continue helping Muisne. They were in Quito on Friday, June 24. Those who attended the concert had the chance of making a donation, specially a donation of school supplies (in order to give supply kits for the children of rural schools).

    July, Wenesday 27 2016

Focus on

By means of economic support, schooling, psychological and recreational activities, the Ecuasol Plan promotes the harmonious personal and scholastic development of children and young people of neighborhoods in the north of Quito.

Andes / Pichincha
Health Education
Kids Adolescents Young adults