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One More Option in Ecuador

Support for organisations in Ecuador



This space is intended to shine the spotlight on the initiatives of Ecuadorian organisations that strive every day in the field to improve the daily lives of this country's inhabitants.

Here you will find the NGOs mediated by Une Option de Plus which develop, at their own level, actions in the fields of health, education and raising social and economic awareness.

You too can become an actor or partner in the initiatives by providing human or financial support. Find out how by clicking here.



Une Option de Plus offers the NGOs in its network a level of expertise that helps them create a sustainable structure, by:

-  creating a synergy between them so they can exchange their respective experiences and optimise their know-how;

- organizing workshops, events, meetings and other forums where NGOs can exchange best practice, pool their experience, improve their skills through training, and in this way build a true network of local grass-roots initiatives;

-  conducting audits on their operation, financing, needs, etc.;

-  giving advice on project setup, specific funding research and communication;

-  making the public aware of their involvement;

-  improving their visibility at international scale.



The NGOs we support fulfil the criteria and respect the commitments that allow them to benefit from the Une Option de Plus label.

This label is the official seal of the pledge and passion the mediated NGOs bring to their work, their performance and their management of the support they receive.

It is awarded by a commission composed of a team of French members and local auditors specialised in NGO location and study, following a complete audit.




Une Option de Plus has developed its activities in France and offers training programs for the volunteers of the organizations as well as for all interested volunteers of other organizations. We also undertake awareness activities on international solidarity in schools. Furthermore, we participate in various events of the associative life all year long. Watch the video shot during the 2012 Week of Solidarity.




NGO's news

  • Jovenes Para el Futuro

    Democratizing the use of technology: Free IT classes at Jóvenes para el Futuro!

    These days, the use of IT equipment can be a great advantage or a huge obstacle depending on whether one can master it or not. Beginning this month, at the Jóvenes para el Futuro (Youth for the Future) foundation, a new and innovative activity is being offered: free IT classes, open to all.

    May, Tuesday 5 2015
  • Futuro - Nueva Esperanza - Centurion

    The Nueva Esperanza games library celebrates its 10th anniversary on the occasion of International Games Day

    Games took the street by storm in San Vicente on International Games Day, thanks to the Futuro Foundation, and to the delight of young and old. It was also a chance to mark International Children's Day .... and the 10th anniversary of the Nueva Esperanza games library!

    May, Sunday 31 2015
  • Cristo de la Calle

    A sports and community festival: Cristo de la Calle’s fundraising event

    On Saturday 30th of May, the NGO “Cristo de la Calle” held its first ever Sports and Community Festival, with the title “5K: get moving for the rights of children”!

    May, Saturday 30 2015
  • Creando Futuro

    All working together in Chamanga to provide access to culture and leisure!

    Chamanga is a small coastal village on the border between the provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas. It is also a very poor village. But despite its difficulties, a group of 30 people has been working for several months to achieve a dream: to create a house open to all, where everyone can use their free time for dancing, painting, drawing, acting, producing short films, becoming confident, sharing their passions and enjoying special times with friends, family and the community.

    May, Thursday 7 2015
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    A Day of Music and Capoeira at Funsiba!

    Several months ago, Funsiba’s residents began practising capoeira with the Groupe Gheto, which has ties with a Brazilian capoeira group. At the beginning of June, Oscar, their teacher, dedicated a class to music. It meant that the residents were able to relax and celebrate everything they share through singing and playing music together.

    June, Saturday 6 2015
  • Hogar Para Todos

    We All Have Enough to Play!

    Over the weekend of June 6-7, the Hogar Para Todos Foundation welcomed two special guests: Silvère et Maëlle, a French couple living in Ecuador for two years, who have created a truly original project: mobile playspaces.

    June, Saturday 6 2015
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    A Family Celebration of Mothers’ Day at Funsiba!

    Funsiba organised its by now traditional Mothers’ Day event again this year: a big party with the residents’ families, and, of course, their mothers. Nearly 30 family members came to see their children dancing, singing, playing music and presenting their capoeira skills.

    May, Friday 8 2015
  • Creando Futuro

    Empowering young people towards a more egalitarian Ecuador   !

    To allow greater access to secondary and higher education for children and adolescents in the poor areas in which it works, "Creando Futuro" (Creating a Future) regularly organizes information and awareness camps. This weekend they invited 25 teens and preteens from the ​​Cabo San Francisco area to a two day camp on the seashore.

    June, Saturday 13 2015
  • Casa de la Juventud Mashi Pierre

    In Sagaruro, the children and youth celebrate Mother's Day on the radio!

    On Sunday 3 May, Ecuador celebrated Mother's Day. On this occasion, the Casa Mashi Pierre proposed to organise a radio show dedicated to this celebration. It was broadcast by Saraguro Radio, the radio of the "Buen pastor".

    May, Sunday 3 2015
  • Hogar Para Todos

    A beautiful meeting at Hogar Para Todos: adopted 12 years ago, a young man comes back to teach music to the children in foster care!

    Twelve years ago, Nancy Calle, the founder of Hogar Para Todos, worked for a Belgian NGO. From Ecuador, she arranged the adoption of Ecuadorian children. Among tens of other children, she helped Pedro, who was adopted by a Dutch couple. Today, he is 15, studies and plays music. With his adoptive parents, he has come and spent one month to the foundation, supporting daily activities and, above all, proposing music lessons to the children, to their greatest pleasure.

    June, Monday 1 2015
  • Fundación sin Barreras - Funsiba

    A Funsiba resident elected National Disability Queen!

    In Ecuador, we love queens!This year a resident of the Sin Barreras Foundation was crowned Disability Queen. Congratulations!

    June, Thursday 18 2015
  • Hogar Para Todos

    Turning 15 is Something to Celebrate!

    In Latin America, turning 15 is a special celebration where the entire family takes part. At Hogar Para Todos foster home, it’s no exception! In June, one boarder celebrated her birthday with everyone in the home—nearly 20 people—who came dressed to impress to celebrate her special day!

    June, Sunday 21 2015
  • Casa de la Juventud Mashi Pierre

    News from the Casa de la Juventud Mashi Pierre !

    In June, the president of the association “Les Amis de Pierre pour Saraguro”, Hubert Humeau, together with his wife Anne-Marie, came to Saraguro. During their stay, the Foundation gathered in General Assembly and elected a new president.

    June, Saturday 20 2015
  • Jovenes Para el Futuro

    The young people of Jovenes para el Futuro set off to conquer the Andes!

    During the school holidays, Jovenes para el Futuro held a two day camp in the mountains of Carilhuairazo. A real breath of fresh air for all those involved! And in August, they will set off once again, for Rio Verde.

    July, Wenesday 15 2015

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