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Plan Ecuasol

Their Pluses

Many children and young people in the slums of the capital leave the school system before reaching the secondary level. A majority of them work to supplement family income and living conditions favor neither harmonious personal development nor successful schooling.

To give these children and young people the opportunity to access a quality education and improve their socioeconomic situation, the Ecuasol Plan provides them with comprehensive support. Created in 1988 and legalized in 2006, the foundation sponsors economic and psychological support to families while offering tutoring, cultural outings and medical monitoring to the children and adolescents it hosts.

Recognized by the Ecuadorian government and supported by La Guilde, the Plan operates exclusively thanks to donations from sponsors and needs additional support to expand their activities and support new families.

More information on their Facebook or their webpage. 

Plan Ecuasol

By means of economic support, schooling, psychological and recreational activities, the Ecuasol Plan promotes the harmonious personal and scholastic development of children and young people of neighborhoods in the north of Quito.

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Health Education
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November, Thursday 23 2017

July, Sunday 2 2017

April, Monday 10 2017

February, Tuesday 21 2017

Ecuasol was present at the "Associations Show"

September, Friday 16 2016

Ecuasol was present at "Associations Show". Many nice encounters with the godparents and people interested in being a godparent.

September, Monday 5 2016

September, Monday 5 2016

International photography project “Inside Out”

March, Tuesday 22 2016

The Ecuasol foundation has organised, with the French-Ecuadorian high school La Condamine, the international photography project “Inside Out” launched by the artist JR. The photographical setting up of “Sourire avec l’âme”/”Sonreìr con el alma” has been realised on February 27th in the northern district of Pisuli.

March, Wenesday 16 2016

March, Wenesday 16 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

Creative and stunning writing project for the children of Clave de Sur

January, Tuesday 19 2016

The foundations Ecuasol and Boumaka (Design graphic art studio in Torino) have worked together on a creative and stunning writing project. Children have been the creators of original and funny stories illustrated by 7 Italians illustrators, enabling Ecuadorian children to imagine new worlds and then develop their imaginations and curiosity. From now on, many people do already have Alhelì’s book in their hands!

Just have a look at Alhelì’s presentation video in Italy

Like fish in water !

February, Wenesday 11 2015

On Wednesday 11 February, with carnival week in full swing, the whole team of volunteers along with some of the teachers took the children, who had turned up in their masses (29 in all) to the Tingo swimming pool in south Quito.

The Ecuasol gang was able to make to most of the healing effects of the thermal baths, which form naturally below the Ilaló volcano, as well as enjoy the slides and the sunshine, which had definitely got the memo. A great day filled with joy and good spirits!

Translated by Malikah Alibhai 

A helping hand of solidarity at Plan Ecuasol!

January, Sunday 4 2015

Ecuasol welcomed a rather special team during the month of December. Eight volunteers straight from the United States (and Canada) spent a month at the Foundation to give a helping hand to Plan Ecuasol. Their mission: 11 months 11 countries worldwide! Their stopover in Ecuador helped give a breath of fresh air to the existing Plan Ecuasol structure. The 8 visitors built a brand new barn, levelled land by lowering football cages, built a fence to enclose the land, created 20 benches for the classrooms and the canteen, painted the entire interior of the building as well as fulfilled a number of other varying tasks. A huge THANK YOU to all of them and good luck for the next lag of the adventure in Malawi, Africa!

Translated by Malikah Alibhai

The children of Ecuasol have been spoiled for Christmas!

December, Saturday 20 2014

At Ecuasol this year, the Christmas week end was dedicated to art and culture, as the artists’ group, Nina Shunku came to facilitate two days of an original program at the Foundation on 20 and 21 December! Circus, music, painting and rap were the main activities during this weekend.

On Saturday 20th, Ecuasol and the artists’ group offered various workshops: circus, music and painting on walls. Indeed, since the end of the construction work, the Ecuasol grey building was in need of a serious paint job!! This weekend, the children and the artists started together this extensive work of art. On the front of the building, start to appear the Pisuli Mountains and the surrounding cerros, speckled with the houses of the inhabitants. On top, the name of the foundation is written in capital letters, encircled with Inca inspired drawings. On the other wall, a lion adorns the kitchen, symbol of strength and tenacity; another message states “the sky is the limit!” and this is only the beginning!

On Sunday, an extensive programming was also on offer! Many artists from Ecuador and Colombia, either solo or in groups, came to express through rap music their emotions in front of an appreciative audience! Families and children have thus been able to admire the diversity of available talents in their neighborhood, and transiting talents across the subcontinent

On this morning, the children from Plan were also able to go on stage! Some danced to the rhythm of the famous « Bailando », which is sung on every bus trip for months in Quito; others acted in a play reproducing the birth of Jesus, others, finally joined the rappers and went on stage to share their messages, although being 10 years younger, but having as much talent!

The morning closed as a delicious Christmas meal was shared with all, this morning had been rich in terms of arts and emotions!

See Plan Ecuasol's christmas vidéo.

Translated by Marie-Catherine Arnall

Ecuasol organises its 2014 Olympic games

November, Saturday 29 2014

On Saturday 29 November, Plan Ecuasol organised its Olympic games within the spacious Quito Bicentennial Park.

Undeterred by the blazing sun, the children from the foundation took part in several different contests, alongside a large number of fifteen and sixteen-year-old students from the Quito French Lycée La Condamine who also came to participate in the event.

The programme included a relay race, an obstacle course, a tug of war, and games of skill.  Five teams vied for the highly coveted Ecuasol Cup; big and little children alike showed great competitiveness and team spirit. 

It was a joyful, good-humoured event, where the Olympic spirit symbolised by Baron de Coubertin’s famous phrase was fully respected: “The most important thing is not to win, but to take part.”

Well done to the young athletes! 

Translated by Alison Kapor


A Day of Art and Fun at Plan Ecuasol!

October, Sunday 12 2014

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Plan Ecuasol hosted a day of art and fun for its beneficiaries and their families.

Attendees arrived at the foundation at 11:00 and were invited to attend a group lunch for only fifty cents. Once the families were settled, Belen of Alianza Hip Hop para las Calles announced the schedule for the day, which would be the last day of Plan Ecuasol’s many workshops.

Families and visitors toured a photo exhibition on the theme of migration, put on by the students of Plan Ecuasol with the help of a professional photographer. Most of the children from La Roldos, Pisuli and Tiwinsa at Plan Ecuasol have some experience with migration, either personally or through loved ones. The students’ drawings, collages, writings and photos expressed both longing and absence, as well as the optimistic feeling that all migrants are familiar with: the hope of finding work and a better life!

The students also presented a fanzine produced in conjunction with Casa de la Ronda, featuring poems, recipes and visual art on the subjects of delinquency, love, drugs and employment. We are proud of our students and staff and of their thoughtful, creative, perceptive masterpiece. We should all be so insightful!

Children of a range of ages who participated in a workshop on theater and bodily expression put on a spectacle in which they demonstrated some mirror tricks and examples of visual theater.

Finally, some of Plan Ecuasol’s young stars took the stage, singers who have been performing Esperanza, the official song of International Solidarity Week 2014 in Ecuador, for the past several weeks. They surprised and delighted the audience with a new rap song about friendship and hip hop. Where can we buy their album?!

Translated by Andie Ho

Some Fresh Air before School Starts !

August, Sunday 31 2014

For several years, the non-profit Ecuasol has offered a summer camp to children who participate in their activities. This year, about thirty children and teenagers went to the Amazon for three days after having spent ten days in Quito. On the program were games, physical activities, pool, cultural field trips, and an abundance of new experiences. For example, on one summery day, the youths experienced climbing at the Cumanda Park!

More than a simple break for relaxing, this annual meeting is an opportunity for the children and the leading team to get to know each other in an environment different from the scholastic one and to strengthen bonds of confidence. Moreover, each year, volunteers come to help out the team, bringing their energy and pep to make these days unforgettable. This year, it was Chloé et Isabel who joined the Ecuasol team, their suitcases full of ideas and their hearts full of enthusiasm—to the delight of all the children.

It’s also the occasion, for the youths of the capital, to better know their country and its riches. Organized in collaboration with the Kallari chocolate cooperative, the expedition into the Amazon brought the Ecuasol youths to the heart of the cacao plantations. In this community close to Tena, the youths also were able to enjoy the river before learning the secrets of medicinal plants. Lodged in a big caban with a view of the river, the youths went to sleep to the rhythm of the Quichua tales and legends. The unpredictable weather of the Amazon even brought them to the point of participating in the traditional sun dance!

After these beautiful summery moments, it is again the time to take the path that leads to school… Back to the books!

Translated by Gilian Jackson

Ecuasol Plan meets with Lilian Thuram

February, Thursday 13 2014

23 children, who attend daily Ecuasol Plan went to the new Qmandà public park to meet the past football payer and French world champion: Lilian Thuram. All were emotional in meeting this football star!

In fact, Lilian Thuram was involved in the award ceremony for the “ Una copa del mundo, un mundo en tu escuala” contest. The Ibero-American states organization and the Ministry of Education organized this contest. The seven front-runners were in attendance to find out the final ranking and receive their prizes. These children had written a tale on the theme “Learning through sports”, in which were highlighted the principles of solidarity, responsibility, friendship and team play. The winner received a ticket for a week stay in Rio de Janeiro!

After this ceremony, Lilian Thuram took time to meet with the children of the organization Ecuasol Plan, to take pictures and mainly join them on the field to kick balls. Though job to beat a world champion! Smiling and grinning children faces brighten the event!

Thank you Lilian Thuram for giving such a warm welcome to the organization and the children! 

Translated by Marie Catherine Arnal

Christmas at Plan Ecuasol

December, Saturday 21 2013

Everyone was in high spirits and enjoying the sun. Around a hundred people were present and they had the pleasure of watching a show prepared by the children and their teachers: dancing, singing and theatre…Everyone then sat down together to enjoy a traditional Ecuadorian meal that had been prepared by the parents.

Then came the presents! Gifts were distributed to each family: clothes, sweets, teddy bears- there was something to please everyone!

And to finish off the successful day, everyone busted out their moves on the dance floor!

All of the photos of the Fiesta de Navidad can be seen on Plan Ecuasol’s facebook page:

All of the organisation’s children, teachers and volunteers wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2014! 

Translated by Malikah Alibjhai

Back to School 2013

September, Monday 9 2013

On September 9, all of the participants benefitting from Ecuasol’s programs started back up with academic enrichment classes, but this time at the foundation’s new center, in Tiwintza.  Getting set up in this new building was an occasion for the volunteers and the teaching staff  to review the functioning and organization of the Plan, as much from an educational point of view as from a practical one.  Many changes were decided upon to optimize and expand daily assistance to the children.

At present, the children will not have more than a single teacher affected in academic enrichment. It will change according to the subjects in which the teachers are the most specialized. However, this new system does not apply to the youngest children, who will stay with Mrs. Rocio and Nancy, the new Plan teacher.

In other news, the association now offers workshops on a near-daily basis: craft, artistic, and creative activities. For example, the workshops for the month of September will be dedicated to preparing a fair that will take place at the La Roldos community development center and will deal with sexuality.  As for the month of October, it will be reserved to prepare for a traditional race from Quito, for which the children will  create small cars in order to be able to participate in the race.

Everyone, children, teachers, and volunteers, are delighted by these changes that assist and improve  the foundation’s development and evolution.

Translated by Julie Yelle

Summer Colony for the Children of Ecuasol Plan

August, Thursday 1 2013

August is a busy month in Ecuasol! The children are on holiday and have finished their school! They are having outings and doing activities!

On this occasion, four French volunteers, Marine, Vincent, Elise and Anna came three weeks to help the local team supervise the children and offer them activities. As a result, the children were able to enjoy days of swimming or visiting museums. At the same time, they discovered a new region of Ecuador, previously unknown to the majority of them.

Indeed, during the month of August, the beneficiaries went four days in Otavalo, a town north of Quito. They were accompanied by six children from the Jovenes Para el Futuro Association, and two of their companions, from Ambato. At the location, another association, the Caritas Esperanza kindly welcomed the small group. At the program, there were meetings and exchanges between children, games, sports, outings, including the beautiful waterfall Peguche, the Cotacachi National Park for a hike around the Laguna de Cuicocha, as well as the thermal pools of Imbabura .

Apart from these few days away from Quito, the children found themselves at the center of the new association. This allowed everyone, both children and teachers and volunteers, to discover this new place and make it their own. The imagination and creativity of children were well contributed: they could for example create murals, which the children participated with great enthusiasm.

Everyone was able to leave a trace of his or her passage through the foundation, and we can find a little of each child on the walls of the new center. The new year is going to start in the new building, which now belongs to the children .

Translated by Jiji Kikhia

Cultural outing to the historical centre of Quito

May, Tuesday 7 2013

With access to culture being difficult for children from regions north of Quito, the Plan Ecuasol team have taken the reins. On 3 and 7 May, the team got together to organise a cultural outing for the children of Plan Ecuasol to the historical centre of Quito. The programme included a visit to the Palace of the President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and a scavenger hunt around the main square of the historical centre.

First stop, the Presidential Palace for a private tour with a personal guide who was able to explain the paintings and ornaments to the children, all the while recounting the political history of Ecuador and its key figures. The children were able to visit the courtyard, the minsters’ chamber, the chapel and the state room, discovering the President’s habits. At the end of the visit, they were even allowed to attend the changing of the guard at the main door. What a privilege! The children, of course, took great amusement in trying to make the stone-faced guards smile by pulling faces and telling jokes!

Next, they set off to discover the history of their country and the key figures who played a part in its creation and development by participating in an enormous scavenger hunt.

The goal was to search, in teams, for information from the plaques that bedeck the monuments, statues and fountains in the main square, as well as from the tourism office.

And so it was, that with their heads full of information and images, the children headed back to the centre, eagerly awaiting their next outing.

=> More pictures in Facebook page of Ecuasol !! <=

Study trip and gardening class in Puembo

April, Saturday 13 2013

About once in a month, Ecuasol’s children are welcomed at Puemblo, located in the north-east of Quito, by Simone Houlbert. This French septuagenarian woman has created there sixteen years ago the non-profit organization called “Essor Ecuador”, in order to improve the nutritional status of children from Quito’s underprivileged neighborhoods.

Simone has settled down on a ground close to a hectare of land that she transformed into an immense vegetable garden. In this garden, she grows all kinds of vegetables. The garden crops-around a ton of vegetables each month-are fully distributed for free to various kindergartens.  

During this « green class, » Simone teaches the children how to cultivate the land, and how to plant seeds before harvesting the vegetables.

A piece of land is reserved for the children from the “Ecuasol Plan,” which enables them to keep track of their plantations from the beginning until the end. The children plant the seeds themselves and then, they come back every month and can see the way their crop evolves, until they can harvest them.   

A cap on their heads, a shovel in their hands, the children are thrilled when they listen to Simone’s anecdotes and recommendations. She shows them hundreds of vegetables, flowers and trees that fill her garden. 

At the end of the morning, each child goes back home and takes home a bag full of vegetables, having in mind Simone’s recommendation on how they can be prepared.

Celebration of nationalities at Lycée La Condamine

March, Saturday 23 2013

On 23 March 2013, Plan Ecuasol was invited to run a stand at the celebration of nationalities organised by the French international school, Lycée La Condamine. Ecuasol was thus able to present its activities, at a stand between the one representing France and that of the Alliance Française.

The stand was run by some of the women from Directiva (a group of mothers) and by children of the volunteers. Each prepared dishes representing their country: Directiva prepared Ecuadorian culinary specialties (empanadas) and the volunteers prepared French specialities (cakes, quiches, crêpes, etc.). In addition, the volunteers presented the organisation’s activities.

The morning was dedicated to discussions, presentations from each country and performances put together by each of them. In the afternoon, the visitors were invited to take a tour of the different stands to discover each country and organisation present.

The children were given the opportunity to show off their talents in front of the President of Ecuador, Correa, who was present at the event. This is how we came to see little Byron Farinango rap with his teacher Patricio, and how we came to enjoy a beautiful traditional dance by Mishelle, Tatiana, Jefferon, Josué, Andrea and Anita. All in all, it was a wonderful day of sharing and discovery for all the children of the organisation.

A great Christmas party for the children!

December, Saturday 15 2012

On Saturday 15th of December, Ecuasol’s staff and beneficiaries got together to celebrate the Christmas holidays together. The evening began with music: Kevin, one of the association’s child beneficiaries, was accompanied by the band with which he plays.

It was a lovely show to see the festivities underway. The mothers heated up the ovens for the occasion, preparing the meals and a local drink, “canelazo”, made from “naranjilla” fruit, cinnamon, and liquor, all warmed up with spices.

This drink got everyone in the party mood. Then the children, accompanied by their teachers, put of various shows: singing, dancing, and sketches were prepared with great care.

The evening went on following this great program. Parents, children, teachers and volunteers were all delighted to take part in this friendly evening.

Foundation’s 10-Year Anniversary Run

November, Sunday 18 2012

For logistical reasons, Ecuasol decided to partner with an existing race, a 6-km run hosted by ADE (Alianza Administración Deportiva y Eventos, a related, non-profit group whose work includes organizing sporting events such as this one) which ocurred on the 18th of Novembre

The race’s philosophy is similar to that of the foundation: above all, to have fun together instead of competing against one another.

Family and friends of Ecuasol members rose early in the morning to participate in the race and paid a minimum $2 fee, which went to the association. Participants could walk, run or bike the course. Everyone was enthusiastic and happy to take part.

The sun shone down on the participants, as they each went at their own pace. There were no awards for winners, but a raffle was held for door prizes. One of the foundation’s child mother won the grand prize: a trip to Panama!

A fun time was had by all. The Foundation hopes to do it again soon!

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Nonprofit foundation, private law entity with social or public purpose, legally constituted by ministerial decree n ° 0687, February 8, 2006. Ministry for Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES)

In Quito, thousands of people live in very precarious conditions in slums called "invasions". Those neighborhoods are on the outskirts of the capital where the proximity of the countryside announces the end of the city whereas these areas are permanently expanding with the arrival of new migrants. Pisullí and Las Roldos are some of these "invasions" that grow rapidly and uncontrollably. The percentage of young people is very high, so access to education is evident to be a real priority.

In the 1980s two French retirees created the "The Plan" association in a popular neighborhood in northern Quito called El Comité del Pueblo (The People's Committee).Faced with the poverty of newly settled migrants in the neighborhood, this association intended to be a welcome and support center for all children in the neighborhood.

The implemented educational methods were successful and in 2001 the Plan opened a branch in La Roldos. In April 2006 this new facility became the Ecuasol Plan and legalized its statutes. In 2009 the French association Ecuasol Plan became part of the French NGO platform La Guilde Européenne du Raid, recognized as a charitable organization by the French State.

The Ecuasol Plan has been evolving, has expanded the range of services offered and today houses over 60 children and adolescents.

*Center Address: Plan Ecuasol Foundation - Barrio Tiwinza.
* Mailing address: The Ecuasol Plan, Box 17-04-10766, Quito, Ecuador.
*Association in France: The Ecuasol Plan, 7 rue de Pasquier 75008 PARIS, France.

Northern Outlying Areas of Quito, La Roldos and Pisullí neighborhoods.

(00 593) / (0) 23396430

Contact in Ecuador:
Contact in France:

The Ecuasol Plan team consists of:
-a team of two cooks;
-an educational team of four teachers, a psychologist, a social educator, a psychology supervisor and 4 psychology interns;
-a 2-person management team responsible for communication and financial management;
-a Director.

Being from the same neighborhood, the teachers are well aware of the economic and social context in which the children live. They are supported by a French coordinator and five civic service French volunteers appointed for a period of one year.

Combating the cycle of poverty by providing better access to education to the children and adolescents of the La Roldos- Pisullí neighborhoods.

*OS1: Create the necessary conditions for successful schooling.
*OS2: To encourage the harmonious personal development of the participating children and adolescents

Activities for the OS1:
Create the conditions for successful schooling
*Financial support for schooling.
*Coverage of health care costs.
*Food: supply two nutritious meals a day.
*Tutoring: all participating children and adolescents are in school. If they go to school in the morning, they have tutoring and individualized follow up in the afternoon and vice versa.
*Monitoring the relationship between educational establishments and parents.
*Professional orientation and socializing.

Activities for the OS2:
Promote harmonious personal development of participating children and adolescents
*Cultural and leisure activities: The Plan organizes a cultural, sporting or artistic outing at least once a quarter and a yearly camp.
*Child protection: family mediation, individual family attention and psychological monitoring of children and adolescents.
* Parental responsibility: training parents to make them stakeholders in the education of their children through various awareness workshops.

Plan Ecuasol hosts approximately 60 children, adolescents and young people who are between 6 and 22 years old, providing support to a little over 50 families. They all live in the La Roldos, Pisullí and Tiwinza neighborhoods in the far north end of Quito.